• Fuss Rosenholz

  • Pieno Flauto Blütenmuster

  • Flötenkorpusse

Woodwind? “The flute is made of metal!” – Does this question sound familiar to you? From today´s perspective, this is a justified question. If you take, however, a closer look at the history of this instrument, we learn that the first models were made of wood and that the flute is therefore among the woodwinds. The “wooden prime fathers” were though not completely pushed out of the market. Experience a journey through time and experience our wooden flutes!

Soloist models

Model "Vario"

The low and soft tonal colour mixes extremely well in chamber music, wind instrument ensembles and in orchestral wind instrument divisions. The new tone character of this type of flute is for soloists very obliging, too. Carrying power and beautiful sound development in the room, distinctive intonation and sound stability and the light vibration procedure allow a large differentiation in articulation and dynamic.