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Our handmade flutes in C are tuned with our patented acoustic headjoints “Pieno Flauto”.

Every flute will be delivered incl. case and coat.

Soloist models pure silver

Soloist models with Ruthenium Platinum electroplating

Further models

Our further models are also tuned with the patented acoustic headjoints “Pieno Flauto” and will be delivered incl. case and coat.

In order to be able to offer these flutes at a low price we purchase components and process them professionally in our workshop. We give the flute a noble finish through the use of our own padding material which leads to an ideal value for money.

Flutes for kids

Practice makes perfect! The most important thing is to have fun when playing an instrument. So that the child feels comfortable with the flute, the instrument has to fit perfectly. Your child can therefore not simply play with a flute for adults, because their ergonomics is not designed for smaller hands and shorter arms. When your offspring starts playing music you can come to us and we will find together the right instrument for your young talent.


  • For early musical lessons from 5 years
  • Boehm flute with simplified mechanism
  • Straight design without curved head joint
  • 1/3 less weight than conventional flutes
  • 1/3 shorter for an anatomical posture
  • Very easy to play with a usual grip technique like a Boehm flute
  • Tuned in Eb
  • Beautiful look: silver-plated body and mechanism
  • Price: € 890,- incl. 20% VAT

Comparison of posture

You can find our brochure here.  

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