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Bass flutes H. Neureiter - M. Lederer

A bass flute which can be played without any problems in all pitches and has great advantages thanks to the used material “nickel silver” – in comparison to the frequently used brass tubes. Therefore, it is an instrument that is not only suitable for music schools.

Manufacturing characteristics:

    • Manufacture in mere handcraft
    • Mouth hole plate and chimney pure silver (925)
    • Hand-cut mouth hole
    • Drawn and curled tone holes
    • Mechanism and tube nickel silver silver-plated
    • E-mechanism, finger plates with mother-of-pearl inlays
    • Tuned in C
    • Soloist instrument
    • Optionally nickel silver or pure silver headjoint



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    Here you can find our  brochure about our bass flutes.

    Adjustable hand and body support for bass flute


    1. 1.: Loosen fixing screw at the ball joint through 2 - 3 turns, remove flute rest
           (light click)
    2. 2.: Find perfect support position at the flute body, remove protective film from the adhesive
           strips and stick the flute rest to the flute
    3. 3.: Re-attach the flute rest and secure with the fixing screw
    4. 4.: Loosen adjusting screw, adjust height and secure