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Master clarinets with traditional Austrian Viennese sound!

" We work for hours meticulously in our workshop in order to optimize the sound of our clarinets and to guarantee the musician a unique feeling when playing the instrument."

We provide professional and personal customer service with insight into our crafts enterprise.
Create yourself a unique piece from our wide range and broad selection of precious woods.
Benefit from the customization of the intonation as well as the sound balance.
Look forward to long-living and intergenerational instruments.
Long maintenance intervals with our homemade instruments, save service costs!
Rapid assistance in our workshop for all kinds of repairs
Trade in new and used woodwind instruments

Your advantages:

  • Every clarinet is an individual production, made artistically by master craftsman Herbert Neureiter with great musical and technical know-how
  • A completely new development regarding diapason and ergonomic key mechanism
  • Selection from a wide range of precious woods to create the musician´s individual instrument
  • Precious and fine electroplating finishes at the key mechanism 
  • Special requests by the customer are always taken into consideration
  • Unique equipment components for optimization of sound and intonation
  • Use of creative and innovative materials

See for yourself what makes the difference between a clarinet by Neureiter and a conventional model!



Manufacturing characteristics of clarinets by H. Neureiter:

Procedure of manufacturing clarinets