About Herbert Neureiter

“I regard my work as an instrument manufacturer as a vocation. I am especially concerned with the continuous improvement and development so as to provide the musician – amateur or professional – with an instrument corresponding to our current times!”

Curriculum vitae:

  • Member of the Military Brass Band in Tyrol: clarinet and saxophone
  • Formation as a master craftsman for the manufacture of woodwind instruments at the German company “Max Hieber” in Munich. Training supervisor: Christian Jaeger
  • Private oboe lessons with Mrs Schmalfuss in Munich
  • Successful job examination in 1991
  • Successful master examination in Innsbruck in 1994. During this period: focus on the construction of entirely handmade flutes; from Piccolo to Subcontrabass flutes
  • Since 1994: freelance manufacturer of woodwind instruments – also active as a teacher for clarinet and oboe, as well as oboist and clarinettist in the symphonic orchestra
  • In 2000, acquisition of the company “Max Hieber” in Munich; since then intense study of the manufacture of flutes and clarinets
  • Currently playing as a clarinettist and saxophonist in the symphonic orchestra as well as in various ensembles


“At this point, I want to thank my trainer Mr Christian Jaeger who enabled me due to his vast knowledge this comprehensive formation in the field of the manufacture of instruments and who is still available in case of special issues.”